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5 Reasons Why You Need a Burger Holder

5 Reasons Why You Need a Burger Holder

Eating burgers comes with a price – and it’s either the price tag of a new shirt or the price of not enjoying the meal because you’re too careful to prevent the perfect mess.

So we bent our minds and asked ourselves “What if there was a way to enjoy burgers without worrying about staining your clothes? Or without wasting another paper towel by the bite? What if there was a mess-free way to eat burgers?

After a year of designing and testing different options, we finally came up with a product that benefits both the burger lovers and the planet - the Burger Holder. It’s a reusable plastic shell that changed the burger experience for the better.

Down below you’ll find 5 reasons why the Burger Holder is the only accessory you’ll ever need to enjoy a burger.

1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Staining Your Clothes

We all know the classic burger experience – ingredients falling off, sauces sliding on your hands… More often than not, it’s a mess that ends up ruining your clothes.

Now there’s a second way to eat a burger, and that’s with the almighty help of a fork and knife. But eating a burger piece by piece takes away the essence of a burger.

For some people, it’s not just the anxiety of not ruining their clothes; they can’t stand getting their hands dirty while eating.

Enter the Burger Holder.

The tight grip of the holder keeps all the ingredients together, and its flexible shape helps pool all the sauces that would normally drip on the floor. Because it has adjustable size, no burger is challenge enough for the Burger Holder. It fits simple and double burgers, and it’s even more suitable for bunless burgers, which are usually even harder to keep together.

2. You Can Enjoy the Full Burger Taste

As said before, the only possible attempt at a mess-free burger meal was the fork and knife method. And even so, the burger would fall apart as you cut more into it. You’d either grab a bite of the bun and the patty, or would spike a pickle, but you wouldn’t get to taste all the ingredients at once.

The real burger taste is a fusion between the soft texture of the bun, the exploding aromas of the seasonings and spices, and the crispness of the patty. Using a fork and knife robs you of all that and, truth be told, you might as well eat the whole burger ingredient by ingredient.

The Burger Holder hugs the burger tight, so that with every bite you take, you get to experience the explosion of flavors that make a burger.

3. You Save Time

With the Burger Holder, having a burger is just like eating any other sandwich. You don’t have to clean up any ingredients that end up on the ground, nor spend 45 minutes at lunch break because you’re way too careful not to ruin your clothes.

The Holder also allows you to eat a burger on the go, either you’re in your car, walking between offices during work lunch or on a road trip. Simply put, you don’t have to stop everything you’re doing just to satisfy your hunger – it’s enough to grab a burger and a Holder, and you’re all set.

4. You Contribute to a Greener Planet

The Burger Holder was created for two reasons: to reduce the mess associated with eating a burger and to promote a sustainable alternative to the paper napkins waste.

We figured a composition that’s made of BPA-Free Plastic, which is 100% recyclable. This means that even after your Burger Holder no longer serves its purpose, it can be recycled entirely and transformed into a new Burger Holder. During its life cycle, a Burger Holder can replace thousands of paper napkins that are being wasted with every burger ordered. Considering that more than 50 million burgers are consumed every year in US only, the amount of paper towel wasted is proportionate.

The Burger Holder is not only a way to enjoy the real burger taste but also a way to protect the environment. Replacing the paper napkins with a Burger Holder can save thousands of trees that are used in the process of paper production.

5. You Can Gift It to Little Kids and Seniors

For little children and seniors, eating a burger is even more challenging, because their fine motor skills are either not developed enough or have started degrading. Luckily, the Burger Holder makes it a child’s play (pun intended).

Here’s what one of our customers said on Amazon: I got this item for my toddler who always makes a mess with food in the car when we travel. This has worked well. Now he can hold his own burger/sandwich without it falling apart.”

As we said, there’s no challenge big enough for the Burger Holder. It’s mess-free, suitable for anyone, it fits any burger size, it’s planet-friendly and it allows you to eat your burgers walking or on the go – this is why you need at least one Burger Holder in your kitchen or bag.

Looking for a Burger Holder?

Look no further! Order yours here and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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