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About Us

The Burger Holder is quite a looker and a conversation starter. We first tested this product in the early 2019 and began mass production afterwards, selling it for the first time via Amazon.

The idea was to create the perfect shell that lets you enjoy a burger in the car, at a restaurant or at home. We also wanted to do our share and cut down on waste in the fast food industry.

That’s why we thought of every cut and corner for this product and created The Burger Holder to have a specific role and guarantee satisfaction.

  • The tight bindings ensure dripping will not occur
  • The top cutouts have a double role or gripping the bun and facilitate larger bite sizes
  • The exterior grip is angled for the best position to hold the burger, whether you are eating at a table or you are in a car

We were able to create The Burger Holder thanks to Poreless Custom Design Injection. A method that uses BPA Free Plastic, which is resistant to high temperatures and can be machine washed.

This means The Burger Holder is a friendly product, which reduces the mess during meals, so you can have more time for things that you love.

Order your Burger Hoder now, with a 30 day guarantee


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