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When Did We Start Eating Burgers?

When Did We Start Eating Burgers?

Burgers are one of our favorite foods, but how much do we really know about them?

There are many stories around how hamburgers made their way into existence, and one of them goes back to the 13th century, when Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde pretty much dominated the world.

A Short Hamburger Story

Legend says that while they were traveling from one conquered territory to the next unconquered one, they would flatten little pieces of raw meat and place them under their saddles.

This way, the meat became tender enough to be eaten by hand, without any prior cooking. When they got near the territory of today’s Russia, the locals were very impressed by the patties and they adopted them.

And this is how steak tartar came to life.

Fast-forward a couple of centuries, Russians themselves started trading items – or ideas – with European people.

Because Hamburg was known for its beef, it wasn’t long until the patty idea became popular in Germany.

Mince the meat and mix it with herbs, and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty meal.

Fast-forward a couple more centuries, Germans started immigrating to America, and they brought the very best with them – the famous patty.

Once they got here, they opened restaurants and have adapted the recipe multiple times.

The burger as we know it became popular at the end of the 19th century.

What Makes a Burger, a Burger?

Some people say it’s the patty – what’s a burger without a patty?

Others believe it’s the buns.

You can place a patty between two slices of bread, but it still won’t be a burger.

Truth is, nowadays there are so many burger variations, and almost all of them are delicious (we’d honestly say “all of them”, but it’s all about personal preference).

There are lettuce-wrapped burgers, there are veggie burgers or even complex burgers, with so many ingredients the patty doesn’t make a difference.

One may argue it’s the experience you’re having when eating a burger. All the sauces dripping and sliding off your hand…

Trying to prevent all the ingredients from falling apart...

Giving up and requesting a plate, a fork and a knife…

That’s probably something we’ve all experienced at some point, but that definitely isn’t what makes a burger, a burger.

At Burger Holder, we believe that the real burger taste is the difference between a burger and any other meal.

The way the sauces blend with the soft patty or lettuce, the explosion of flavors you experience with every bite – that’s what makes a burger, a burger.

And because we’re convinced that taste is the most important quality of a burger, our Burger Holder was created to facilitate the burger experience for everyone.

Its tight grip ensures that no ingredients fall off and that all sauces are pooled inside the shell.

Every bite you take is a bite of the entire burger – not just the bun, not just the lettuce, not just the pickles.

Why Are Burgers So Important to Us?

Because they were easy to make and they were soooo tasty, hamburgers became the “go-to” food for us.

The original recipes weren’t complicated – just the seasoned patty and the bun – making it a convenient option for a quick meal.

Public holidays, fairs, food festivals – burgers were there to share those times with us.

So it was only natural that in 1921, the first fast-food restaurant opened.

After that it was just a snowball effect.

However, as times and recipes evolved, eating your burger with just one hand became only a long-lost dream.

Egg, bacon, one or two patties, cheese slice, tomato slices, pickles, lettuce, sauces, and two buns – that’s a mouthful even when you spell the ingredients, let alone when you try to eat the burger.

Moreover, people with fine motor skills could hardly enjoy a simple burger.

So the more times evolve, the more challenges occur.

But for every challenge, there’s at least one solution.

Ours is the Burger Holder, the reusable shell that helps you enjoy a mess-free and tasty burger experience.

Why The Burger Holder?

We’ve created the Burger Holder as an alternative to all the paper napkins wasted with every burger. It can be machine-washed and reused for multiple types of burgers. When its time is done, it needs to be recycled.

We’ve also created it so anyone can enjoy their favorite food anywhere, without needing a fork, a knife, 15 paper towels to clean the dripping sauce, and eventually a new shirt.

All you need is one shell and, obviously, the burger.

The Burger Holder is manufactured using Poreless Custom Design Injection, to ensure no waste.

The plastic is BPA-free, meaning it’s not harmful to your body, and it’s 100% recyclable.

You can use it on the street, in the car, in the office or at a restaurant.

Using the Burger Holder, you save time and actually get to enjoy the real burger taste.

No more messy meals and clothes.

If you haven’t got yours yet, order it here today.

Then share your experience in the comments below.


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